About Us

Asia Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leader in inspection and testing equipment supply for Civil and Geophysics engineering field. Over 10 years in the market, we do support and service to many important clients such as

  • Expressway Authority and Airport of Thailand.
  • Engineering Faculties
  • Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning
  • Department of Highway
  • Department to Rural Road
  • Faculties of Technology
  • Other

We are a company specializing in inspection and testing equipment for civil and geophysics engineering in Thailand.

At present, the company has expanded the market to more private and local government agencies. We have engineers and technicians specializing in each area. And we have to send people to train Develop yourself and be open to new technologies. About inspection equipment in civil engineering

If you are interested, we want to be your distributor. Can contact us directly at 0 (66) 2-553-0809


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